Moons of Aphrodite is operated by Myrto Daskaloudi.
Myrto offers learning experiences which are a combination of her studies of plant medicine, sexual healing, astrology and ritual. She connects students predominantly through medicines and spiritual teachings from her Mediterranean lineages.

Myrto holds space for astrology readings with reverence for each person's astral story, guiding them to a deeper understanding through the lens of astrology. She incorporates Greek mythology into her readings bringing in story, metaphor and intuitive messages from her Ancestors.

Myrto crafts herbal medicines specific for sexual health because
she is passionate about sexual healing + pleasure being connected with the earth. Everything she creates is made with intention and in ritual for the users.

Queer, pro sw, pro Indigenous and Black liberation + leadership, pro self reliance and autonomy, pro earth regeneration, pro reclaimation of ancestral practices.