Salve of Shamesh
Salve of Shamesh
Moons of Aphrodite

Salve of Shamesh

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Salve of Shamesh is that powerful healer you want to have on deck for a myriad of situations. A great investment for your at home apothecary/first aid kid!

Cretan olive oil + apricot kernel oil carry the potent medicine of St. John's wort, Cedar, Calendula and Chamomile. In Astroherbalism all of these herbs have a strong affinity with the Sun/the element Fire, the spark of life force essence/energy. 

This salve can be used for nerve pain, bruises, scar healing, irritation/inflammation, topical fungal infections, late stage wound healing, bug bites, chapped, hard working hands + muscle soreness. This salve is a soothing, yet potent! Made with fresh st John's wort flower harvested on the land I reside on. Calendula and Chamomile grown in my garden with love + cedar harvested from the 6 magical cedar trees which stand tall in front of my home. 

Invite the healing power of the Sun (Shamesh in Hebrew) into your life. 

Ingredients: Cretan Olive oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Cedar, Chamomile, Calendula, St. John's Wort, Beeswax 

4oz Jar